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Don't Destroy What You Came to Enjoy

Don't Destroy What You Came to Enjoy

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Hey, don't turn away. Let's go on a sign hunt! Despite what you may have heard, the historical past of these signs aren't as "dark" as you may think. Each miniature we make is in dedication to the art project created by the Dynamite Museum.

The Dynamite Museum is an art installation that is made up of thousands of painted road signs scattered across Amarillo. There was no rhyme or reason to the messages on the signs; the people behind the project would come up with ideas, or vote on suggestions sent in, and then install their favorites all over town. Front and back yards, empty lots, small and big businesses - At one point, it was the largest urban art project in the world! You can find the largest concentration of the signs in the Mariposa Eco-village, but the signs can still be found throughout Amarillo. Locals call it sign hunting and now you have a chance to own one for yourself - as a mini!

Our miniature signs are hand crafted pieces of artworks featuring historical and modern quotes, lyrics, and literature. Each element is crafted by hand in our wood shop. Check out our instagram for a first hand look.


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